Donations for Rainbow Orphanage Nepal

Rainbow Orphanage relies solely upon the generosity of individual donators to pay for the upkeep of the home and to support the orphans and abandoned children's education and development in Nepal.

We would greatly appreciate any type of donation whether it comes in the form of a one off donation of goods such as clothes, stationary or medical supplies; a one off financial donation; or continued financial sponsorship of the orphanage or an individual child.

We would also welcome anyone who would like to pay us a visit at Rainbow Orphanage in Pokhara Nepal. Whether it be for only a few hours to play with the children or to volunteer with us for a longer period.

If you would like to make a donation to Rainbow Orphanage:

Bank Details:

Standard Chartered Bank Ltd. Nepal
Beneficiary's Name - Rainbow Children Home-Nepal
Account Number: 01-1894668-01 (Savings Account)
Swift Code - SCBLNPKA

website of bank:


Rainbow Orphanage views any form of donation as a blessing, and as such we are as flexible as possible with any donating options.

Becomming a member of the Rainbow Orphanage family

You can become a member of the Rainbow Orphanage family

  • By making a donation for the orphanage as a whole
  • By making a donation for specific cost incurred by the orphanage (such as the monthly rent)
  • By sponsoring an individual orphan or abandoned child.

Sponsoring an individual Child

The costs for the home of an individual child per month is US$60. This includes house rent, services upkeep, clothing, staff wages, education and food for that child. US$60 per month is NOT the obligatory amount to sponsor a child. Rainbow Orphanage welcomes any amount for the sponsorship of an individual child, although we do request that the sponsorship be continued for at least a 1 year period.

Rainbow Orphanage also welcomes the joint sponsorship of an orphan or abandoned child, for example one family or small business may choose to support one child.

Are you interested in making a donation to Rainbow Orphanage?

When you are interested to making a donation to our home, please contact us by

What your donation will mean to us?

Rainbow Orphanage currently provides a home to 36 orphans and abandoned children

  • US$ 10    –   Will provide one child with all of their clothing and uniform requirements.
  • US$ 20    –   Will provide one child with all of their food and education requirements for 1 month.
  • US$ 30    –   Will pay for the education and necessary stationary for 10 children for 1 month.
  • US$ 40    –   Will provide for the basic medical treatment of one child for 1 year.
  • US$ 50    –   Will pay for the electricity, water and phone bills of the house for 1 month.
  • US$ 100  –   Will provide for 10 children's education for 3 months.
  • US$ 200  –   Will pay for the rent of the house for 1 month.
  • US$ 250  –   Will provide food for 10 children for 1 month.
  • US$ 500  –   Will buy the orphanage's a computer.